eoN is recruiting

Hello. In light of future NSL, our gates are open once again and awaiting eager people to join the team that placed 2nd in last NSL. Go on, push that button, i know you want to!
2011-05-20 by Daemon

Recruitment Status: CLOSED

Hello again! The recent clanwars we've had, vs. DA, Earth and Sun, along with getting new members, made it pretty clear there's not much more room left, to justify keeping recruitment open. We're still willing to listen to players wishing to join us, but our standards go way higher up for the duration of the recruitment brake.
2010-11-15 by Daemon

New Members

I'm happy to welcome a couple of new/old members into eoN.

Returning to us after a period of almost 1.5 years of pursuing other interests, despite his attempts at shedding off the eoN loyalty and allegiance, here stands the one and only Clemens, previously known as Arg or Hakugei (or Haguklay as some ignorant fools call him :) ).

No more a cub by any measure, but a predator in its own right, a respected name in the Savage community and a fearsome foe on the battlefield, Thollmigul has made the right choice (the only viable choice, really :P) of joining forces with eoN in pursuit of clan glory with no dishonorable compromises.

Welcome Clemens!
Welcome Tholl!
2010-11-11 by Daemon

Newerth PUG Cup Winner


I'm very proud to announce that LoL, the funclan brand under which eoN registered in the  off-season Newerth PUG Cup, has won the tournament. Lead by our excellent commanders, Lucky :) and Unreal, after an epic 2 matches + 1 tiebreaker battle vs DA, we've emerged victorious and eager for NSL4 to begin!

...oh and Bobbe was there.
2010-11-04 by Daemon

Even more new members!

By the looks of it, they must be a lot. The forum has suddenly become  hard to browse around, you know, cuz of all the extra weight. Now that deserves a special posts! So let's hear it for  Fat-Tony and Cookie whom he ate!

Next 10 please!
2010-11-04 by Daemon

New Members

Lately, our ranks have increased with plenty new names which i've failed to mention in dedicated news posts: Keppie, The Sis, Unreal, Dirkus, BierfrOind, el paco'terror, and Storky. Each and every one of them a skilled and friendly fellow (or fellowette)!

Welcome into eoN!
2010-11-04 by Daemon

New Member: Fairyenhancer

Albeit a "bit" late, we welcome in our midst the fierce norseman (photo 1 | photo 2) that is not content with the way mythological beings fare these days. He set on a quest of improving Tinkerbell and her sisters, stamping each and every one or them arses with "made in eoN" below a couple of glowing swords.

Welcome Fairyenhancer!
2010-02-15 by Daemon

Savage XR RC3 Released

Savage XR Rc3

Hurry up and grab your preferred OS installer for Savage XR 1.0 RC3. Cya ingame!

For a short list with the most important changes out of a zillion improvements, additions, bug fixes and tweaks, click here!
2009-12-25 by Daemon

Returning Member: Iskold

Eagerly returning to our ranks, here stands Iskold, a veteran of the plains of Newerth, with a lineage going back to the ruthless Vikings!

Even if a bit late, Kveða frá eoN!
2009-12-10 by Daemon

Cw vs Fox

The Foxes (Fox) being the nice clan that they are, we've enjoyed a few funwars together on Sunday. The map we've played was "forgotten", the final score was eoN 3 - 0 Fox and the general consensus was that Earth could use some less pollution. GG Fox.
2009-12-02 by Daemon