Design have been widely inspirate by alsacreations.com design, then adapted by Blake. The ps brushes used to make the banner and the background are the following :

The werewolf in the banner has been made by the great Carlos Huante. The landscape behind it has been made by the marvelous Ryan Church. The eoN logo have been made with the Black Oak font created by Billy Argel. The icons are part of the "oxygen refit 2" set made by Christopher Bratusek under a LGPL licence.


  • The Yshout plugin which is the shoutbox in the sidebar.
  • The Shadowbox plugin allow to display medias such images and videos through nice embeddement.
  • The Tablesorter plugin which allows to sort html tables.

Personal datas

The personnal datas collected by eoN websites (like the profile datas) are never shared with external peoples or socities. eoN members personnal datas are only shared between the eoNs members.