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Joining Rules

Postby admin » Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:05 am

Please make sure your application topic includes the following informations (preferably without quoting) if you want to join eoN:

1. Your in-game nickname.
2. Your RL name, age, location, hobbies.
3. For how long you have been playing Savage.
4. Any (and all) previous clans you have been in.
5. Your in-game friends.
6. Why do you want to join eoN.
7. Your Savage play up- and downsides.
8. Your favorite tactics, weapons, maps.
9. Your availability for Sunday evening cw and Saturday evening praccy.
10. The vacant position which you want to fill. (*read below)


eoN Recruitment Status: OPEN

We are currently only accepting decent commanders and friendly field players with outstanding teamplay abilities. Reasonable English speaking abilities are required.

Подавай заявку на вступление только если ты:
-опытный командир или очень хороший полевой игрок.
-более менее знаешь английский язык.


A vote lasts for 14 days unless the result is obvious to us. The minimum percentage required for the vote to pass is 80%.

We care much more about teamplay than duel skills, so if we want to test you, that will be in public games mostly. Any applicants are welcome at our praccies on our server (to be announced).

If you feel the trial period wasn't fair, something went wrong, you were away etc and the vote was closed, you can re-apply 1 month after the first trial period.

Please consider this before applying:

eoN, through all its members, is a friendly, mature and decent community. We uphold the principles of fair-play and we believe fun is something that has nothing to do with flaming, bailing, faking, whining, multiclanning and the sorts.

We do not tolerate aggressive outbursts that could damage eoN spirit and image. There are enough examples of members being kicked for inappropriate behavior, and even though that is not the end of the world, sure enough, neither the applicants nor us would want that to happen later on, if one's nerves or vocabulary can't be kept under control.
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