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Re: NightFox

Postby Daemon » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:35 pm

Interesting, but i've seen right through your clever ploy. I just want to get the facts straight, so help me out here. So Nightfox, eoN being short for Elements of Nocturne, you're supposed to fit right in, right? I take it you'd like to pass for a nocturnal creature. But since you're also an American, basically when it's night time your place, it's daytime in EU, where the action is. That would make you a Dayfox. Which is also interesting since Sun was obviously a diurnal symbol. Therefore, I would have expected you to wear a name pertaining less to the dark side. But i guess the other part of your name was hinting to where your true allegiance lied: Fox! So, at English Slug's behest, you've infiltrated Sun, decimated it from the inside, and all that while wearing a name that was supposed to cause confusion by falsely pointing towards eoN, Sun's traditional enemy. And now you're here. Whose spy are you, Sun's or Fox'?
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