Gather around children. Have a seat, next to our warm camp fire, while you listen to a story I have to share. The myth of eoN shall bellow. Not many realize the extent of history that this name grasps. Long forgotten memories shall be reviewed by the youth.

There was once a player known as BrownAle who roamed the plains of Newerth. He was getting restless from his vast lonely adventures. Not long after realizing where the hole in his heart had come from, he formed a solution to his sorrows - ,Elements of Newerth" was born. With his convincing charm and his capable axe swing, he gathered round a flock of followers - all quite versatile in the field of slaughter. Though he had found allies worthy of himself, he was displeased by the lousy outcome.

On the other side of Newerth, another adventurer felt the urge to gather a pack of friends. Her identity was echoed as Rahxephon throughout her time. Equally skilled in the arts of recruiting, ,Nocturne" was born. Both aforementioned individuals had acquired a trusty guild of apprentices, yet both of them had the unfulfilled desire for more.

One day these two adversaries appeared before another - at first as enemies - but soon they realized the similar situation that was presented to them. Neither gang of buddies had enough presence to pose an uproar to Newerth, yet they were plenty together. Mere wild speculations are left as our history books were lost decades ago. This legendary encounter provoked a new force reveling upon Newerth - it was the force, now feared and respected, known as "Elements of Nocturne". eoN.

With combined powers, eoN thrived more vigorously than either of the separate clans would have managed on their own. Unfortunately, all alliances between two leaders always pose the difficulty of uniting their own beliefs and principles - this was no exception. While Ale founded "Elements of Newerth" with the goal of uniting battle-hardened players to prove their might, Rahx was concentrated on recruiting players that build up a friendly community to play together - quite the opposite of competitive. Their compromise was to focus on a mixture. Ale would take care of raising the average skill-level, while Rahx would integrate any players she enjoyed playing with.

This solution posed efficient for a certain period of time - eoN grew impressively from the outside. Yet within, unsettling troubles were stirring two fractions. The more they grew, the stronger the tension between the recruited sides visualized. You can't forcefully reside two completely different player types into close quarters without expecting an explosion. Despite constant efforts and compromising, an outbreak of arguing was inevitable. There was no more support for this project from either side. eoN was one big mess. Members flowed towards their original leader, forming two distinguished groups. Pro-Rahx and Pro-Ale.

With no further compromises in sight, Ale packed his followers in a suit case and dispersed into the night - leaving Rahx behind with half a clan. These leftovers were gathered together and strived towards rebuilding eoN - this time along their own visions. Friendly behavior and maturity were top-priority. Skill and talent were superficial factors, as they had nothing to do with personality or community efforts.

After strengthening their internal relationships, be it with joyous adventures together to tighten bonds or ridding the dungeon of unwelcomed pro-Ale spies, eoN was finally regaining stability and ranks. With new appointed co-leaders and admins, their structure gained new momentum towards a brighter future. Players flocked towards this band of pleasant folk, offering cookies in return for being part of this friendly community. eoN was flourishing yet again. Soon, Rahx was to claim her dream come true - a community of friends she can play with that obey her undoubted command.

Although eoN had formed quite a presence in Newerth, they were not acknowledged in terms of skill. They were merely known as a community of colors. Some members started feeling an unsatisfied flame burning within their soul - it was the urge to compete with others. This wasn't the original goal of Rahx, but as long as entities such as Ale were rejected, eoN was able to fulfill both. eoN started to look out for more skilled individuals, yet not overlooking the importance of remaining harmony within.

During this period of time, even more recruitees flocked around eoN to be a part of this wondrous and unique community. Admittedly, their efforts at competing weren't too successful, but they neither gave up nor forgot to maintain their spirit. With every new failure, their strength increased bit by bit. Every mock thrown at them, was caught and buried below them. Not long, until eoN was going to form the necessary strength and resolution to notify the world of their constantly growing pool of victories.

Without warning or preparation, a dark shroud clouded the blooming progress. eoN was standing in front of new internal problems that posed a threat to their integrity. Some veteran members that were deemed friendly had shed their beliefs to attain skill and the corruption that it typically brings - arrogance. This mix of maturity and competitiveness was closing to an end rapidly. Yet again players were doubting Rahx's ways and referred to Ale as the true founder of eoN - soon after, they left. Torn by a repeating fate, eoN had to face extinction as they hadn't been strong enough to keep things under control. Truly a dark era befell this grouping of buddies.

After every dark night, follows a shiny day. Fortunately, eoN was no exception. Nocturnal darkness reigned for as long as it could, but with trusted leaders and new efforts, "Nocturne" returned merely into their name. With the clan cleaned up from their problems, more efficient policies suggested and a handful of ambition, this twice drowned clan emerged from the depth once again - continuing where they initially left off.

Celebrating victories together, while strengthening their bonds after a defeat. Keeping the eoN spirit as the only true priority among themselves, while also considering skill a potential fact with importance. These procedures soon became routine. Little did anyone reckon that routine poses new and unexpected threats to ones own structure.

Many veterans lost interest in sustaining this long-term project, among them both leaders. Inactivity and indifference were a result. eoN was facing their next crisis - the unimaginable occurred - both leaders resigned and declared inactivity. This message came as an ice-cold shock. There were no replacements available. No one had thought of a backup plan for this situation. With the leaders gone, their individual members were left alone with the task of rebuilding eoN.

After discussions, debating, thoughts-exchange and many more clashes of minds, new leaders were appointed in a group effort. These aforementioned appointed power-holders treaded on unfamiliar ground, but what they lacked in experience they vigorously made up in ambition and intentions. With their axes and swords equipped and their followers obediently behind them, they ventured along the tricky path - clearing the future of any obstacle that posed a problem along the way. After the initial deflation wave, a new era of prosperity henceforth reigned.

Over the past decades, there have been a variety of member exchanges. New blood and flesh arrived whenever elder embodiments sought their last resort. After every loss, followed a gain. After every injury, followed a recovery. Every problem within, was resolved by their competent new leaders and loyal disciples.

Historians may claim this period of peace as the golden age. Clan stability was regained and strengthened remarkably. Reputation was increased further by strictly following their own guidelines to a friendly community. Even their battle prowess had proven worthy of compliments from even the top clans. Success wasn't a mere wish anymore to reach out for, as eoN constantly trains themselves as preparation for every clash awaiting them. With their recent rankings in NSL, eoN isn't a mere community of colors anymore; eoN evolved into a weighted presence throughout Newerth.

Many clans before had faced a wipe-out unsuccessfully. Many clans are merely a legend of the past. Not eoN. They took stones. They took branches. They constructed themselves tools and literally rebuilt their home sweet home. Being confronted sudden crisis repeatedly, their ambitions to continue this community were renewed ever so often. Their spirit became stronger than ever and their bonds tighter too. This is the eoN roaming the lands of Newerth that we know of today. This is "Elements of Nocturne".

- Tribe Elder, Clemens